California Dealer License Videos

The following videos are part of your California Dealer Continuing Education Course. You will obviously not receive credit for dealer continued education unless you enroll through the blue Begin Training button above. You can also refer back to this page at any time after your dealer training to review the videos contained in your official California Dealer Continuing Education Course.

About the Course

View a video introduction
that explains the
California Continuing
Education Course
and how easy it is to
complete at your pace.

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CA Law Revisions

View a video
that covers the new
California laws that
affect the operation
of any business with
a CA dealer license.

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Renewing Your License

This video shows you
the step by step
process of renewing a
California Dealers
License correctly
for quicker approval

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Dealers Sales Tax

View this dealer
video to learn how
to correctly compute
sales tax on vehicles
used as demos or
sold by the dealer.

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CA Workplace Posters

Be sure you are
posting the required
posters in your dealership
to comply with State
and Federal laws.
Compliance is Mandatory!

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Run NMVTIS Reports

California Dealers are 
required to run National
Motor Vehicle Title
Information System
Reports on every sale.
Learn how to comply!

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CA Workers Comp

Every California
dealer must maintain 
a workers compensation
policy to protect employees
from workplace injury.
Noncompliance is costly.

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Notice to Public

Every licensed motor
dealer in California 
must post certain .
notices in the workplace.
Notice to Public laws
are covered here.

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Buyers Bill of Rights

We will give a refresher
on the Car Buyers
Bill of Rights so
you will know how to
comply with this important
California dealer law.

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Maintaining records is
an important part of
any dealership.
CA dealers must maintain
proper records to
comply with laws.

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Credit Practices Rule

We cover FTC
Credit Practices
Rule so you can 
be sure your dealership
can maintain compliance
with this Federal law.

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You will learn how
to easily ensure your
customer is not in the
Office of Foreign Asset
Control SDN database.
No software needed.

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Dealer Auctions

Your California dealer
continuing education
course will give you
great tips to use
when purchasing from
CA dealer auctions.

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Employment Practices

Dealers must comply
Federal laws including
the knowleges of
Prohibited Employment
practices.We will help
you comply.

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Federal Financing Laws

Most dealers assist
customers in obtaining
financing for the vehicles
they sell. You need 
to be aware of the
laws in Washington.

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IRS Cash Reporting

You must report
certain types of cash
transactions to the IRS
within 15 days. We
show dealers how
to report transactions.

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Workplace Posters

The State of Calfornia
requires several posters
to be posted in every
dealership. You will
learn what posters
dealers must display.

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Much More

You must report
certain types of cash
transactions to the IRS
within 15 days. We
show dealers how
to report transactions.

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4 Hours At Your Time

You can complete your
online training course
at your conveniance.
Start the course on one
device and continue on
another device.

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California Dealer Training Course

California Law Revisions

Renewing Your California Dealer License

California Motor Vehicle Sales Tax for Dealers

California Motor Vehicle Sales Tax on Demos for Dealers

California Workplace Posters for Dealers

California Dealers NMVTIS-National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

California Workers Compensation for Licensed Dealers

California Dealers Notice to Public Postings


One Hundred Percent Compliance Equals One Hundred Percent Profits

We are here to help you maintain your California Dealership Compliance!

California Dealer License

Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
Automobile Dealer Training Association